Floods Affect Thousands in Assam (2)

Floods Create Alarming Situation in Assam

The beauty of the land of blue hills and red river has lately been disturbed by floods. Severe rainfall has heavily disturbed nineteen districts of the state. Recent reports say that 6.5 lakh people have been affected by the flood. The death [...]
Flash Floods in South Asia

Flash Floods in South Asia

Get you umbrellas and supplies ready with you. It can be your turn next. Komen a cyclone originated in the Bay of Bengal has been affecting the lives of people across Indian sub-continent over a week now.  Not leaving a single coastal nation [...]
Heat wave in Odisha

Heat Wave Claims 160 in Odisha and Flood Claims 2 Lives in Assam

Nature fury is going on in India. One part of this is under heat wave and another part is trying to escape from flood. In Odisha 160 lives have been claimed by the prevailing heat wave. On the other hand, in Assam, 2 dead reported due to flood. [...]