uber in india

Uber Will Provide Free Wi-Fi to the Customers in India

Uber Technologies Inc. will give riders in India access to free Wi-Fi in autos and cabs booked through their smartphone based application as the weapons contest to dominate the ride-hailing business, where local rivals presently have the edge, [...]
China hacks into Indian institutions

China Hacks into Indian Organizations

Chinese programmers and hackers are targeting organizations in India to gather strategic and financially sensitive information related to country’s security and defence specially, according to a leading cyber security authority, in a move [...]
India faces less rainfall

Indian States Are Facing Tough Challenges Due to Less Rainfall

Less rainfall has been causing some great problems in India. Many states are facing the same problems in cultivation. As our India’s economy is depended on farming and that is why monsoon plays an important role in growth of India’s economy. [...]
Rafale deal

Rafale Fighter Jets Deals Enters in Problematic Situation

Over last three years the deal of 126 multi role combat aircrafts has been hanging for multiple reasons. Sometimes a single ray of hope is popped up but then it also goes to the similar conclusion. For tackling these technical and business barriers [...]
Rise of Rural Sports In India

Rise of Rural Sports In India

The shouts of players, group of spectators cheering and a crowd gathered to see a showpiece event. Yes, this is a common scene in villages throughout India. People say that sports have the power to bring everyone together. It teaches us team [...]
India Iran Oil Deal

India Tries to get Positive Nod For Developing Oil & Gas Fields in Iran

Floated by Iran’s historic nuclear accord with world powers to end sanctions, India will ask Iran for rights to create ONGC discovered Farzad-B gas fields in the Persian Gulf even as it prepares to make the payment $6.5 billion huge in [...]
Pakistan invited NAMO next year

Pakistan’s Invitation To Narendra Modi- A new Era to start or Return of 1999?

Pakistan invited NAMO to visit Pakistan in next year. It’s the first time from Pakistan’s side- they invited Narendra Modi. Indian PM Narendra Modi has acknowledged an invitation from his Pakistani partner Nawaz Sharif to go to a regional [...]
Vyapam Scam

Vyapam Scam in Madhya Pradesh- “Acche Din?”

Acche Din! It’s still to be achieved by the new government. This time, in Madhya Pradesh where they (BJP) are the ruling party, a big scam has popped up and believed to be the biggest Medical admission scandal in the country- “Vyapam Scam”. [...]

Ramzan or Ramadan : Let’s Decode

While the sub-continent is busy debating over using Ramzan or Ramadan, we’ll reveal a few facts about this holy month. The whole furore is over the pronunciation of the name of this holy month of Muslims. The word Ramzan came into existence [...]
Indian Army's surgical strike

Indian Army Carried Out Operation in Indian Territory- Myanmar

With a surprise comment, Myanmar claims that the operation carried out by Indian para troopers before two days was in Indian territory and that two operation location were near Indo- Myanmar border. No military operation was carried out in the [...]