Turkey launches strike against Kurds

Turkey Trying To Create 90 KM Safe Zone

A complete safe zone is being formed after Turkey’s request to NATO. Even US has nodded on this. Turkey and the US are trying to create a safe zone in Syria. It is an extra attempt by the Turkey to stop Turkish Kurds from creating their own [...]
Turkish air strike on ISIS and PKK

Turkey Starts Air Strikes Against ISIS and PKK

Turkey started air hunt to drive the IS militants away from the border after the bomb blast in Suruc that claimed lives of 32 people. Turkey’s air strikes against Islamic State (IS) activists and Kurdish PKK separatists could change the [...]
YPG Fighters

YPG Fighters Seizes Tal Abyad From ISIS

Another push attack by Kurdish fighters on Islamic States started. They are accounted for to be moving in on the north-east Syrian town of Tal Abyad, which is held by Islamic State (IS) militants. Many people have fled to a close-by border [...]