Indias Rescue Operations in Nepal

Rescue Operations in Nepal

The recent earthquake disaster that struck Nepal has left the Himalayan nation down on its knees. The aftershock quakes that followed the initial quake have only added to the people’s misery by being unpredictable. Almost a million children [...]

Earthquake causes extensive damage to pagodas and monuments of Nepal

  Apart from other casualties and destructions, the earthquake has also caused extensive damage to the monuments of Nepal. Many of the ancient pagodas are now reduced to stumps covered by debris and rubble. One of the major collapses is [...]
Earthquake Toll Crosses 4500

Nepal Earthquake: Death Toll Crosses 4500

Death Toll Crosses 4500 in Nepal – The growing count of death due to the earthquake of 7.9 magnitude and three after shocks is becoming a burning concern for the government of Nepal. As the rescue operation started, the death toll started [...]