Russian Air Force strikes Islamic State positions in Syria

Russia’s Syria War- Veterans See The Shadow of Afghanistan

It has been 26 years considering that Soviet troops pulled out of Afghanistan. Yet today Russia, once more, goes to battle outside the previous Soviet Union – in Syria. Is it going to be the next Afghanistan? It’s a long point to discuss [...]
Tsar Bomba explosion

Russia To Show Mega Hydrogen Bomb- Tsar Bomba Replica

Russia will show a reproduction or a replica of the most intense nuclear bomb ever to be blasted in the Soviet named “Tsar Bomba” – close to the Kremlin in Moscow one month from now. The A 602 hydrogen bomb housings will be [...]
US Super power is under threat

US Superpower is Under Threat? – A Comprehensive Analysis

United States of America- the name tells everything. Where ever we go, we will see- US dominates almost all sectors. From inter continental trades to international business and from defence to space technology etc. After the cold war, Soviet [...]
Russia's new nuclear weaponay

Russia Expanding its Nuclear Warheads

Russia has taken a major step to expand its nuclear arsenals. President Vladimir Putin has said Russia would put more than 40 new intercontinental ballistic missiles into its defence system this year. It is a piece of a wide coming to program [...]
EU Russia Tussle started

Russia Bans 89 European Leaders and Politicians

Russia has taken a surprise action and has banned 89 European leaders including politicians, military heads and journalists of European Union countries. These is a list of Putin critics actually. All European countries criticize this action [...]

New Hi Tech Russian Tank and Armored Vehicles Unveiled

Russia has unveiled some of its new warfare technologies including a game changer Tank named Armata- T14. They have unveiled a anti tank Rocket system, several upgraded armored vehicles for extreme war zone usage. Another thing that Russia [...]
Russia and Argentina Energy Deal

Russia and Argentina Enters in Energy Deal

Russia and Argentina enters in a historic energy deal. It may help Argentina to bypass the upcoming power crisis. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Argentine President Cristina Fernandez signed the agreement of mutual co-operation in energy [...]
Russian President Putin

Putin Pushes Ukrainian Government for Blockade of East Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin pushes Kiev for the blockade of East Ukraine. He said that Kiev was responsible for what was going on in Ukraine. Putin marked the Pro Russian movement in Eastern Ukraine. What Putin Said | Russia & Ukraine Putin [...]