Turkey Election

AKP Wins Majority in the General Election in Turkey

Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) has won a vital parliamentary election, regaining the majority in the house it lost in June. With almost all ballots counted, state-run Anadolu Agency stated AKP had actually won 49.4 [...]
Turkey launches strike against Kurds

Turkey Trying To Create 90 KM Safe Zone

A complete safe zone is being formed after Turkey’s request to NATO. Even US has nodded on this. Turkey and the US are trying to create a safe zone in Syria. It is an extra attempt by the Turkey to stop Turkish Kurds from creating their own [...]
Kurdish forces blames Turkey for attacks

Kurdish Forces Blames Turkey For Attacking without Provocation

Kurdish forces in Syria have blamed Turkey for over and over attacking without any provocation their units over the outskirt, in Syria. Turkey said it was exploring the cases yet demanded the Syrian Kurdish units stayed outside the extent of [...]
Turkish air strike on ISIS and PKK

Turkey Starts Air Strikes Against ISIS and PKK

Turkey started air hunt to drive the IS militants away from the border after the bomb blast in Suruc that claimed lives of 32 people. Turkey’s air strikes against Islamic State (IS) activists and Kurdish PKK separatists could change the [...]
Turkey targeted ISIS positions in Syrian border

Turkey Targeted ISIS Positions near Syria Border

Turkey is in action against IS in the border of Turkey-Syria. Turkey’s government says it has besieged Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria. A day prior the two sides exchanged heavy fire close to the border, with one soldier killed and [...]
Suruc blasts by ISIS

ISIS Suicide Bomb Attack in Suruc Turkey

A probable ISIS attack on Turkey, for the first time after ISIS engaged in full fledged fight with YPG fighters and Iraqi military in Iraq and Syria. Though IS has not taken the responsibilities till now, but government of Turkey suspects that [...]