Turkey targeted ISIS positions in Syrian border

Turkey Targeted ISIS Positions near Syria Border

Turkey is in action against IS in the border of Turkey-Syria. Turkey’s government says it has besieged Islamic State (IS) targets in Syria. A day prior the two sides exchanged heavy fire close to the border, with one soldier killed and [...]
Nuclear deals

US to Quit Nuclear Talks With Iran

Nuclear deals and peace talk may go in vain as America has threatened Iran that it would leave talks if Iran does not cooperate to execute a final deal. US Secretary of State John Kerry debilitated to leave nuclear talks as he flagged that diplomats [...]
kurdish fighters against ISIS

US To Intensify Anti ISIS Operation

United States of America is all set to launch active anti IS (Islamic State) operations in middle East. US has already been a partner of Kurdish YPG forces against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and has been bombing on ISIS position to facilitate joint [...]
Puerto Rico governor said it can't repay its debt now

Puerto Rico Can’t Pay $72bn Debt, Mini Greece in US

In Europe, it’s Greece and in US, it’s Puerto Rico that has gone under a kind of emergency situation. Puerto Rico’s governor has said the US territory can’t pay its $72bn (£45bn) obligation and is near to defaulting in front [...]
NSA Snooping French president

Wiki Leaks Reveals NSA Snooping on French Presidents

Another dangerous reveal! It’s also about the US snooping on the European leaders. This time, it is on the French Presidents! The US National Security Agency (NSA) kept an eye on French Presidents, including former presidents Jacques Chirac, [...]
Chinese hacks

China Hacks Into US Military and Intelligence Data

For another time, US military and intelligence data have been hacked by the Chinese hackers. US government confirmed the hacking news today and said that department of personnel management’s servers have been hacked by the hackers. Many [...]

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Urges For Regional Action Against Islamic State

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott calls for regional coalition against ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria). He said that Islamic States has a global terror ambition. That’s why it has to be stopped. But no such action is taken [...]