I don’t know if you have ever heard about a 317% salary hike! Nobody gets it. No “Aam Aadmi” gets it. Politicians get it/are likely to get it. A 177% increase in constituency allowance, six-fold increase in travel allowance, five-fold increase in conveyance allowance, 317% increase in basic salary. It is not justified ethically, morally or otherwise, but you know what, they have already had the elections, so now the AAP can do whatever it wants. A big fat hike coming in the way of AAP MLAs. Surely, party-time for the AAP MLAs. No matter what, the AAP MLAs just want an upward revision in the terms of salary hike. Garbage crisis, they give themselves a hike. Water shortage, they give themselves a hike. This is not even Khaas Aadmi Party. It is Opulent Aadmi Party!

I remember there was once a person, named Arvind Kejriwal, who on the day of his swearing-in as the Delhi Chief Minister said, “A great man told me that we must never forget our roots.” He further stated that AAP’s roots lie in working for the people. Now that you are growing, you are working towards bettering your own ends.

If AAP MLAs want a higher pay, why not link this to their output, performance and productivity? I am a Management student and if my knowledge is anything to go by, it is the basic and most fundamental H.R. principle the salary hike is directly proportional to the target achieved and the efficiency with which it is achieved.


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It is amazing that the AAP MLAs have no funds to pay salaries to the safai karmacharis of MCD, they still have no funds to pay salaries to contractual guest-teachers of MCD schools, no funds to pay old-age pensioners and widows, but from somewhere, out-of-the-blue, they have all the funds to stuff their pockets and fill the pockets of their MLAs and, to top it all, this personal enrichment will be at the cost of honest taxpayers! This is sheer hypocrisy, self-centric approach and double-standards of the AAP towards politics, that now stands exposed. How can they be so callous and insensitive! Is this the good governance or the “Sushasan” that Mr. Kejriwal once promised?

I ask, why was a referendum from the Delhites not asked for, when AAP asks for people’s referendum at the drop of a hat, to make small-little issues controversial and political.

Has Mr. Kejriwal assumed us to be big-time fools? Don’t we remember that prior to getting elected to power and during elections, Mr. Kejriwal used to travel around in a Wagon R car and now that the elections are done with, he wants to go around in a 12 lakh car and wants to ensure the same treatment for his beloved MLAs. Moreover, AAP wants to declare upon it’s MLAs a travelling allowance amounting to  6,60,000 annually per MLA to travel within the borders of Delhi. It is to be noted here that the AAP MLAs don’t have to travel outside of Delhi to reach the Assembly!

The average Indian salary hike is estimated to be 10.07% in the private sector for the financial year 2015-2016. This implies that if a person is lucky enough, he is likely to get a 10.07% salary hike, depending on his performance, then what justifies this 400% bonanza for the “Aam Aadmi” Party! This is completely absurd. Is this the “Aam Aadmi” Party!

I would want to reiterate that AAP MLAs are not martyrs, as they are trying to present themselves, nobody compelled them to quit their high-paying jobs to come into public service. They started both their oath ceremonies with the opening statement that public servants are not supposed to misuse public funds and work for personal gains. Today, all that is apparent is that they are chasing public wealth.

By the way, it is not the question of money, it is about ethics, morals and principles. Undoubtedly, Mr. Kejriwal has come a long way, from Metro to Mercedes, but the irony is that this escalation was not the right way!