The Cuba of India – Bhiwani

A city known for its temples, spiritual learning and a centre stage for regional politics has been gaining limelight on a totally different field. Field of sports has never been far from this famous city in the state of Haryana. From its small streets and maidans, it has produced so many champions who have taken the city into a culture of sporting history. Be it Olympics , Commonwealth Games, World Championships, National Games and many more competitions in the list, sport persons have always lived up to the expectations of millions.

City of Bhiwani has well-known players, who have showcased their vigour in almost all sporting disciplines. Be it in Boxing, Badminton, Shooting, Wrestling, Athletics, Kabaddi, Volleyball, Hockey and the list goes on, the players have gained fame and respect. The city came into limelight through boxing in 2008, when four out of five boxers representing India at Beijing, China were from Bhiwani. Vijender Singh created history by becoming the first Indian boxer to win an Olympic medal for India in this sport.

Vijender Singh. Image Credits : http://goo.gl/RNeHrt

Vijender Singh. Image Credits : http://goo.gl/RNeHrt

The city has been a conventional school of boxing in India. The well- known Bhiwani Boxing Club (BBC) is known as the powerhouse of Indian boxing. Though the National Boxing Centre has been shifted to Patiala, Punjab, the club remains the main producer of young boxers from near and far. The academy was established by legendary Indian boxer and a two-time Asian champion Late Capt. Hawa Singh. The present chief coach of the club, Jagdish Singh promises young boxers to be Olympic and World champions in near future and are trained in that way. Children from the age as young as 8 years train daily at the academy to pursue their dreams and follow their idols.

Recently, women boxers from the city impressed everyone by bagging three medals at the World Junior Boxing Championships in Taiwan. They continue to train harder in order to achieve glory at Olympics. These players have shown with their performances that in spite of difficulties they want to realize their dreams and pursue them at the highest stage. Apart from boxers, Phogat sisters in wrestling have been idols for many young girls in the city. The field of Sports teaches us discipline, team spirit, hard work and a proud sense of nationality. The players from the city continue to work hard in their sport to achieve greatness and to hear the national anthem at Olympics. Bhiwani sets a great example for other cities in the country to nurture young talent in any field and mould to make champions out of them.

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