The Essential “Chai-Paani”

A regular day for all of us is filled with tasks and duties, joys and annoyances, conversations and silences. Then adding to the tyranny of mundane life, is the unpleasant mix of news; from immediate and distant surroundings, which sends the mind rushing through volatile but ignored thoughts. A democratic setup is least expected to guarantee basic law and regulation systems in place, optimum security and safety to citizens and easy access to various services in organized manner. But in actual, this “law-story” isn’t so modest and clean; but is a dark but interesting series of events, pleasant and unpleasant both.

Being an influential personality comes with lot of responsibilities, but plenteous are the woes of those not so; those who are more involved in their own lives and their responsibility limits to the best for their family. Most of us have succumb to corruption in offices (public and private), where prioritizing on combating delay and extra effort, we are inclined to the short-cut. The cut through bribery (the chai-paani business), favoritism (epidemic of pehchaan) and tips (baksheesh way). Evidently a lost battle!

Image Credits : http://goo.gl/us3Qu4

Image Credits : http://goo.gl/us3Qu4

To register a crime at a police-station, you need first prove and support the crime with evidence; then many a times convince those in-charge that your complaint is worth acting upon. Thereafter come cases where accused is held but not punished, due to long running judicial arguments. And the cacophony of the spiced telecast of news further adds to the drama. Versioned truth gives rise to opinions of for and against. Sometimes, I sit in wonder whether media is above law or law is above media, when the challenge is thrown upon at prime-time. Parallel to this dismay, I hold great respect for those who discharge their duties with utmost honesty and sincerity, and commit to unbiased safety.

The irony has amounted to such levels that now even getting a Doctor’s appointment or a medical assistance is not spared. Everyone wants to skip the queue and so does the famous Doc. Wish to encash on the opportunity. Slight influence to get a report early or forge prescriptions to help a healthier mediclaim is commonly heard.

I rather not elaborate on the overtly taxing processes of getting rightful citizen IDs; the licenses, voter cards or the passport etc. The trail is too long to evade untouched by vice, and a corresponding business runs along with the government procedure.

In any general family banter, everyone has narratives of such experiences to share, good and bad ones. So convincingly, the above-mentioned may just be a brief prelude to a huge story collective. Sometimes the classy Bollywood reference is rogue but true, “Andha Kanoon”. The framed laws are to ensure fairness, but now we are tipping people to follow the obvious too! We are requesting people to process their actual duty or awaiting the outcome for a legitimate accountability. The sanitation of the system needs to be done from peak to bottom. No amount of promises in elections, oaths before taking duty, appointment interviews can guarantee a ‘clean’ system, unless accountability is shared and reformation is initiated at the minutest level. Simultaneous to this is required strength to stand up for righteousness.

P.S. : Correcting oneself in a ‘countdown’ manner, i.e. step-by-step, will help see less complaints.

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