Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, on Tuesday, boarded Sachkhand Express to act on the ‘mission’ to wipe off the miseries of the farmers in Punjab. What appeared extraordinary in this ordinary politics was his travel in the general compartment.

The Train’s Common Class Felt an Uncommon Essence When Rahul Gandhi Boarded ItThe rays of amazement descended in the compartment when the general passengers of the general compartment met Rahul. Clothed in brown T-shirt and jeans, the vice president stayed in limelight in between the 80 passengers. General bogie of train no. 12715 from Nanded Sahib to Golden temple no more remained general on Tuesday.

A spasm of excitement among the common men to offer seat to Rahul began as soon as he stepped in the train.

“I am going to your state to find the situation of farmers and their unpicked wheat in markets in Khanna and Sirhind,” Rahul told co-passengers.

No special event nowadays ends without a selfie session. Likewise happened in the train as well, where the crazy passengers with no shadow of forgetfulness had snaps with Rahul. When on train is Sonia’s son, hospitality towards him was not a matter of doubt. People showered him with the offerings of fruits, chapatis and biscuits.

The moment Gandhi raised a kid in his arms, public got a hot-iron situation and they hit perfectly with a question-answer round on his marriage plans. Response with a smile on his face could not satisfy the public much. Cleverly, he veered to another discussion like historical importance of Gurudwara, farming equipment and crop diversification. He also autographed on one of the girl’s hands.

This is not the first time when Rahul destined himself to the local train. Mumbai local train in 2010, too carried Rahul Gandhi.

Let’s see how Rahul’s not-so-comfortable journey comforts the farmers.