Track Your Fitness Level with the Latest Wellograph Watch

Wellograph watch – the fitness tracker – We all need to be fit. But many-a-times we lag our fitness schedules because of inadequacy of our fitness equipments. The latest technological breakthrough for fitness cautious is out in the market by the name The Wellograph watch.

Wellograph watch

Features of the New Fitness Tracker 

The Wellograph fitness tracking watch can aid your fitness schedule in many ways. It counts the number of steps and the measures the distance your travel. It specifies the amount of calories you burn in your activities. Apart from measuring the number of hours the wearer sleeps, the watch can also measure the quality of sleep he/she has. For runners and more efficient joggers it has the stop watch, which can measure their efficiency and performance levels. Last but not the least; Wellograph is accompanied with an inbuilt heart rate sensor which can track the pulse rate of the watch wearer.

The new technological features like sleep quality measurement and  pulse measurement make Wellograph a unique product in the current track watch segment as these features are unmatched and are not found in majority of track watches.

Wellograph review

The unique selling point of Wellograph is its slim and lightweight design which other bulky track watches do not match. You can wear the track watch to the gym and also to a business meeting and go unnoticed as the Wellograph matches the style and attractive of other regular trendy watches. The graphics that display the fitness data are easy to read and can be transferred to smart phones and tablets through Bluetooth. The watch comes with a leather band which can be replaced with a nylon band. For syncing the watch and the other gadget, you must first download the Wellograph mobile app from android, windows or iOS platform. Wellograph is water proof and can provide all the swimming fitness data you require for you pool sessions.

The cost of Wellograph is $299 which makes it more expensive than the Fit Bit Surge track watch that has a cost of $250. The Fit Bit Surge has the heart rate sensor and has GPS services also. Wellograph is the best looking fitness tracker and features additional features such as sleep quality detection. The user friendliness of the watch makes it one of the best fitness tracker watches to buy.

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