TransAsia Plane Crashes into Keelung River in Taipei

What is going on with the planes in recent days? One after another is getting down, sometimes fully missing and sometimes into the sea! This time a TransAsia Plane GE235 have crashed into Keelung River in Taipei!

It has been hardly a month of Crash of Indonesian airlines into the Java Sea that caused a massive death poll of 132 people. Now again another plane! Oh my God!

TransAsia Plane Crashes into Keelung River in TaipeiThis time, the TransAsia plane after collision with a bridge and flicked down into the Keelung river in Taiwan’s capital Taipei.

Casualties in the TransAsia plane crash in Taipei:

Though it is not confirmed yet how many people have died in this crash in Taiwan, but in an unofficial source it have been known that the count may goes to twelve.

Total fifty eight people were there in that passenger plane. Rescuers rushed into the place and cut the body of the plane with gas cutter to rescue the other passenger.

The fuselage of the plane is still submersed in the Keelung River.

Death troll may rise if this incident happens in a remote place. Investigators are searching for the reason why the TransAsia plane has crashed into the Keelung suddenly.

Within a year, our world has witnessed three massive plane crashes. One is in Ukraine that had shot down by a Bak missile, and the Malaysian plane that has not been found yet and the recent accident in Java Sea.  Now the accident of this TransAsia plane crash added another one in this book.

Video Credits: TheGuardian

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