Tsipras Became the Prime Minister of Greece

Alexis Tsipras became the Prime Minister of Greece. For the first time in the European history the extreme wing of the Greece has become the centre of power in Greece. He with some of his ministers too oath within the first twenty four hour of winning general election.

Tsipras Became the Prime Minister of Greece

Alexis Tsipras sworn on as the prime minister of Greece

Alexis Tsipras Became the Prime Minister of Greece and Situation in European Union:

The head of the European Union reminded him about his responsibility to bringing down the fiscal deficit. Once Greece was about to come out from the Euro zone because of high fiscal deficit. Then government took some major steps to bring down the fiscal deficit.

Finance minister of the Euro zone congratulate Alexis Tsipras on wining the general election in Greece. Alexis won the election by defeating Antonis Samaras who belongs to the conservative league.

Present Condition of the Parliament In Greece:

The party of Alexis Tsipras won the 149 seats of the total seats of 300. It is just seats short of absolute majority of the house. In this present condition they may have to go coalition with Greek Independents. They have 13 seats.

It is expected that they will form new cabinet on Thursday. But the main challenge for Alexis Tsipras on becoming new Prime Minister of Greece is to stabilize the economy first and to set a new trend to change the Greek economy from the great depression that has been prevailing in Greece since 2008.

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