TSipras Gets Clear Mandate To Form Government in Greece

The left wing party in Greece has won the clear mandate to form government in Greece, Though they have got 35% seats in the general election, they are about to join hand with their former ally Nationalist party to form government and in order to get majority support in the house. Opposition party, the new democracy has won 28% seats which is slightly better than the previous election, nine months ago.

People of Greece have kept faith on Alexis Tsipras again. In August he had to resign as his party lost the majority in the parliament after accepting the tough conditions given by the IMF and allied countries for Greece’s third international bailout.


When Tsipras tried to bind all the MP of his party for the last bailout, some MP opposed him and the conditions for getting the third bailout. Those MP formed a new party, thus lost the majority in the house.

Though Syriza has won the election anyone but their honeymoon is about to over soon as unemployed youths are being aggregated, farmers are blocking the roads as Tsipras accepted the formula of raising taxes and cut pensions ans some other allowances in the last bailout.

It’s clear that winning the election in Greece does not mean that Syriza got the ultimate acceptance. Feeling the same, Tsipras said,

“Together we will continue the struggle we began seven months ago”

European Union has requested Tsipras to continue with the reforms and to press the reforms so that the effectiveness of those tactics can be got swiftly. International creditors like IMF and European Union Banks are also pressing Syriza government to implement the reforms quickly.

“There is a lot of work ahead and no time to lose” said Tsipras.

After a turbulent year, Greece is about to settle down its political mandate finally. Though there are a lot of oppositions in Greece against Syrizas’, they have secured an ultimate position to form a new government and push the reforms that have been hung for last two months.

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