The attack in Tunisia on Wednesday left 19 dead and shocked the world. The brazen attack on the famous Bardo Museum led to the death of many tourists. President Beji Caid Essebsi strongly condemned these terrorist attacks and vowed that his nation will do everything in its powers to bring the terrorists involved to justice.


According to the latest reports, 17 of the 19 dead were European citizens. Amongst the dead are a Tunisian security officer as well as a cleaning woman.

Two gunmen have already been identified and brought down by the Tunisian security forces. The cops are still on the lookout for three more people who them believe to have been accomplices with the two dead gunmen.

There is no terror outfit that has stepped up to claim responsibility for the shootings, but ISIS has hailed the attackers for their work. Tunisia, which was able to overthrow a dictator and usher in democracy during its 2011 Jasmine Revolution, is popularly considered the only true success story to emerge out of the Arab Spring movement. The country has battled with Islamic terrorism for some time now.

The attack in Tunisia sent shock-waves across the world. Japan, Italy, Spain, Poland, Colombia, Australia and France are amongst the nations who suffered losses. Tourists from these countries were present at the museum in Tunis when it came under attack. The two gunmen held the tourists at the Bardo Museum hostage. An operation was conducted by the Tunisian authorities to free these hostages, which ultimately culminated in the death of 19, with injuries to approximately 40 others.

President Essebsi said that the extremist minorities did not frighten the nation and that in this war on terror, Democracy will win!

Tunisians took to the streets in the wake of the incident, with candles and flags, to protest against the day’s attacks.