Turkey Starts Air Strikes Against ISIS and PKK

Turkey started air hunt to drive the IS militants away from the border after the bomb blast in Suruc that claimed lives of 32 people. Turkey’s air strikes against Islamic State (IS) activists and Kurdish PKK separatists could change the entire game of that territory, the prime minister has said. Government of Turkey has changed some security parameters in entire country and polices started searches for the IS sympathizers.

Turkish air strike on ISIS and PKK

Turkey’s Air Strike- No Decision on Ground Strike Yet 

Ahmet Davutoglu said there were no arrangements to send ground troops into Syria and that air strikes were intended to bolster moderate renegades battling IS. US itself has not interested in ground strike; probably that’s why its NATO friend is not also interested in launching ground strike against ISIS in Syria.

Turkish Jets Targeted PKK Camps 

On Sunday Turkish jets again attacked PKK camps in northern Iraq. This thing can be a cause of rising tension in this region. Nato is to hold a crisis meeting on Tuesday to examine the circumstance, at Turkey’s solicitation. Mr Davutoglu told a meeting with the journalists from Turkish dailies that, taking after Turkey’s military activity, there were presently new conditions in the provincial conflict.

The vicinity of a Turkey that can utilize its power successfully can prompt outcomes which can change the game in Syria, Iraq and the whole region; everybody ought to see that the Hurriyet Daily News cited him as saying.

Mr Davutoglu said Turkey was readied to work with the Syrian Kurdish PYD bunch – which has connections to the PKK – if it didn’t represent a danger to Turkey and disjoined relations with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Turkey launched air strikes against all IS targets in Syria and against PKK camps in northern Iraq taking after late attacks. In the wake of the shelling, the PKK executed Turkish police in countering for what it saw as Turkey’s cooperation with May be. Be that as it may, the strikes against the PKK in northern Iraq adequately finished a two-year truce.

Turkish jets were again in real life over northern Iraq on Sunday, and a PKK representative told AFP news channel that two positions north of Dohuk and north of Irbil had been hit.

Prior, an auto bomb hit a Turkish military vehicle on a parkway close Diyarbakir in south-east Turkey, the armed force said. Kurdish aggressors then started shooting at the vehicle killed two Turkish soldiers and injuring four others, it included. As of late, Turkey has likewise captured several individuals associated with supporting IS or the PKK.

Police assaults in the city of Istanbul have set off three days of revolting in the Gazi locale. No less than one extremist and a policeman have been killed in the clashes. Nato Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told BBC World TV the Turkish solicitation was in light of Article 4 of the Nato Treaty which permits individuals to demand such a meeting if their regional respectability or security is undermined.

At the point when Turkey asks for such a meeting I believe it’s privilege and convenient to have a meeting where we address the turmoil and the insecurity we see in Syria, Iraq and encompassing and near to Nato fringes of Turkey he said.

Mr Stoltenberg said he had addressed Mr Davutoglu two days prior, communicating sympathies for the death toll and offering support to Turkey’s activities against IS. The US has approached both Turkey and the PKK to keep away from violence, yet said Turkey had the privilege to guard itself against attacks by Kurdish rebels.

Turkey | Rising Border Tensions 

Turkey had a concern over Kurdish forces fighting with ISIS in Syria and Iraq because Kurds can cross the border and join Kurds living in Turkey in the border. This thing may cause a border tension. Turkey has announced that it would fight back if there was any firing happen from the other side of the Turkey- Syria border, no matter with whom- ISIS or Kurdish Forces.

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