Turkey Trying To Create 90 KM Safe Zone

A complete safe zone is being formed after Turkey’s request to NATO. Even US has nodded on this. Turkey and the US are trying to create a safe zone in Syria. It is an extra attempt by the Turkey to stop Turkish Kurds from creating their own territory anyway, one of the leaders of pro-Kurdish party of Turkey to medias.

Turkey launches strike against Kurds to create 90 Km safezone

Turkey isn’t in War against ISIS At All

HDP chairperson Selahattin Demirtas told Turkey’s military operation against ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) militants across the Turkey- Syria borderlines was basically a cover to specifically target PKK Kurdish rebels, so that they can’t create any territory and declare the acquired land as the independent Kurd’s territory. He has urged both the groups- Turkey and the PKK to return to the line from where peace process can start. Before a few days he said that PKK attacks on Turkey’s security personnel were making the peace attempts somewhat impossible.

Is Turkey’s Attack on ISIS Just a Revenge of Suruc?

Though recently a couple of clashes have taken place between Turkish security forces and the PKK’s own army unit (Kurdistan Workers’ Party), both the groups want to come on table for peace talk. Turkey also is in mood to hit IS militants hard that’s why they are busy in continuous air strikes on the ISIS targets. Attack in Suruc is still fresh in their minds. Turkey has additionally been hit by assaults by IS-connected militants – including one that left 32 dead in the border town of Suruc a week ago.

PKK & ISIS- Turkey is in war Against Both

Turkey considers both the PKK and IS as terrorist group. Independently, the US prior affirmed it was holding crisis meeting with Ankara about their joint military battle against the IS in Syria. State Department representative John Kirby said more coalition exertion and vitality would now be cantered around the border zone. However, he dismisses recommendations that the US had authorized Turkey’s air strike on Kurdish drives in northern Iraq.

Over the previous week, experts say, Turkey has turned its way to deal with the US drove coalition against IS on its head. Beforehand a hesitant accomplice, it is currently flying battle missions and making its airbases accessible to US streams.

A Safe Zone- To Restrict Kurds or ISIS

The range around 90km (55 miles) in length – would apparently be utilized to prepare moderate restriction powers for both- Turkey and Kurd’s forces. Ankara includes, that this will likewise permit some Syrian displaced people in Turkey to come back to the protected zone.

Turkey launches strike against Kurds

In any case, Mr Demirtas, who drives the HDP (People’s Democratic Party), told the correspondent that Turkey’s genuine expectation was to make an attack into Kurdish zones in Syria in order to prevent Syrian Kurds from controlling coterminous region. Turkey doesn’t plan to target IS with this sheltered zone. The Turkish government was genuinely irritated by Kurds attempting to make an autonomous state in Syria Mr Demirtas said.

He included that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan would never let this happen and that we would intercede whatever the cost. In this way, the protected zone is expected to stop the Kurds, not IS. Indeed, Turkey ought to work with Kurdish powers to make this zone. They ought to team up Mr Demirtas said.

Prior, President Erdogan told columnists it was unrealistic to proceed with the peace process with the individuals who debilitate our national solidarity and fraternity. He has now headed out to China with around 100 business leaders and financial specialists for a state visit anticipated that would concentrate on their developing monetary ties. Turkey’s present border emergency might likewise give recharged impulse to its arrangements to purchase a Chinese long-run rocket missile framework.

Tuesday likewise saw Nato examine the Turkish war against IS and Kurdish militants. Every nation of the 28 Nato nations have met in Brussels to talk about what it called the dangers against Turkey, a key individual from the organization together. In a last report, Nato has conveyed solid solidarity with Turkey, and sent sympathies to Ankara and the families of the casualties in Suruc and different assaults against police and military officers.

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