The United Kingdom government has introduced checks during the exit of passengers at ports, airports and railway stations located in UK.

The new measures are being taken by UK government to improve its understanding about the people leaving the country and those who stay behind.

exit checks at UK

More restriction and tracking of movements of terrorists and criminals is possible through these checks.

The home office of the UK government along with the officials from ports, airports and railway terminals are collaborating to obtain and collect the exit check out data of the passengers. Information for the year 2013 is being sought.

The government officials say that the new system is designed in such a way that it has minimal impact on customers. The new system also takes into account the needs of businesses.

According to James Brokenshire, the UK minister for security and immigration, the new system will tackle illegal immigration and will also provide vital information. The exit system will confirm a person’s exit from UK. He said that the Immigration Act 2014 gives the sea carrier and airport staff necessary powers to conduct exit checks.

Real exit checks will soon be conducted in UK at sea ports and airports. Passport and travel document Information on all the customers who leave the country through commercial international routes like air, sea and rail will be collected by the exit check authorities.

The UK government will attain a wide and comprehensive data of all those who are leaving UK. This information will help the UK government to avoid abuse of visas and immigration routes.

Exit check data will also help the government agencies to identify those people who are overstaying their visa duration in the country and are illegally present in the country.

The government will be able to prevent illegal immigrants to open new accounts or get new driving licenses.