UK To Check all “Maggi” Noddles’ Variants

Controversy on Nestle’s Maggi noodles is growing on. After India, now United Kingdom (UK) is preparing to check all variants of Maggi in their country. In this regard, UK food safety department asks reports from India.

Maggi is under lens in UK

What Nestle Says

Nestle said that the company imports only the “masala variant” from India to UK. But all the other variants are manufactured in UK itself. They said to the UK Food department that Maggi meets every standards of food safety in UK. But according to the UK officials, Nestle stated the same thing in India also, so they will be carrying out food safety test on all variants of Maggi.

Maggi Bans in India | Odisha Bans Maggi

Here, in India, Odisha becomes the fourteenth states to ban “Maggi”. Pressure on Nestle is mounting and it is spreading outside of India also. FSSAI (Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) declared that it found MSG (Mono Sodium Glucomate) which is poisonous and is not permitted to add in the Maggi masala.

Indian government ordered to check the other noddles manufacturers’ products like ITC India, Ruchi International etc. Central government hinted that they will not only investigate the things related to Noodles but also the whole food marketing ecosystem in India. This thing has led a great buzz in Indian food manufacturing and marketing system in India.

UK becomes the first country in the European union to check the standrard of Maggi after it got banned in India. According to the press release by the United Kingdom’s food safety department, they will investigate the same matter thoroughly and if any dispute found, Maggi noodles can be banned there in the UK also.

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