Ukraine Crisis: President Obama and Putin had a talk to find solution

US President Barack Obama and Putin (Russian President) had a talk on ongoing crisis in Ukraine and Obama has warned Vladimir Putin that Russia will confront more noteworthy costs on the off chance that it precedes with its forceful activities in Ukraine. Obama and Putin discussed to grab the chance of crisp converses with creating a peaceful solution for the war that has boiled over since April a year ago. Mr. Putin is because of meet with the leaders of France, Germany and Ukraine at a summit in Belarus on Wednesday.

Obama and Putin had a talk to find solution of Ukraine Crisis

Attacks in between of talk of Obama and Putin:

On the other hand, there was extraordinary battling in eastern Ukraine in front of the ongoing discussions.  On Tuesday, four troopers and no less than eight civilians were killed in rocket attacks on a key army installation and a local location in Kramatorsk.

Government officials said the rockets were let go from a rebel held region, however pro Russian separatists denied being behind the assault. More than 5,400 individuals have kicked the bucket since the clash started and civilian setbacks have climbed lately. Ukraine and the West blame Russia for sending trained troops and arms to help the Pro Russian rebel, however Russia denies this.

Going to Kramatorsk on Tuesday, President Petro Poroshenko required the withdrawal of outsider (Russian troops) from Ukrainian territory. The summit in the Belarusian capital Minsk is required to spotlight on securing a truce and the withdrawal of substantial weapons, and in addition the formation of a neutral ground.

President Obama called Mr Putin on the eve of the discussions to emphasize US help for Ukraine, days after he declined to preclude supplying deadly preventive weapons to Kiev if tact fizzles. Though Oabama and Putin had a talk to find solution of the current agitation on eastern Ukraine, Russia, in any case, has warned the West that sending arms to Ukraine would intensify the crisis.

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