Ukraine calls for EU & UN Peace keeping forces

Fall of Debaltseve:

After the fall of Debaltseve, a strategic town in eastern Ukraine, government of Ukraine calls for EU & UN peace keeping forces. Ukraine fully withdrew soldiers from Debaltseve, where they had been surrounded by the pro Russian rebels from the north and south both and came under heavy firing and shelling. At least 50 government soldiers have been killed and over 100 are wounded. On the other side rebel spokesman confirmed, death of 10 fighters in the rebel forces. 5 thousand people are also relocated from the town and the process of evacuating is still going there.

Ukraine calls for EU & UN peace keeping forces as Debeltseve falls

Calls for EU & UN Peace keeping Forces in Ukraine:

Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko tried to convince defense council and national Security Council for getting approval to calls for EU & UN peace keeping forces in eastern Ukraine. Rebel forces are being organized to acquire more and more area in eastern Ukraine. Though a meeting for ceasefire was held, no sign of improvement is being seen. Situation is going out of control.

President’s request for calling up EU and UN peace keeping forces has been granted and approved though EU and UN have not responded yet on this matter. No matter what are points of Minsk agreement of ceasefire and foreign troops withdraw, nothing is effecting by the agreement there on the front lines.

Ukraine’s Hope:

Ukraine is hoping that official of the European and Unites nation’s security council will approve the matter as soon as possible. They are still in hope that their calls for EU & UN peace keeping forces will result something good for Ukraine at last.

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