Ukraine Conflict: US starts seven nations drill (Nato)

After a long time of Ukraine’s repeated request, finally US has come to a decision and has arrived to Baltic States for a drill with seven nations of Nato in Black Sea. Italy joined US yesterday with eight combat ships. Now, Ukrainian government is getting a relief. Meanwhile Pro Russian Rebels have withdrawn a significant amount of heavy weapons and it is confirmed by the Ukrainian authorities.

US starts seven nations drill in black sea

Ukraine Conflict and US

After annexation of Crimea, Pro Russian looked into Ukraine’s mainland, specially the eastern zones. For several months they have been surrounding the main cities like Luhansk, Donesk etc and fired numerous missiles and rockets to destroy Ukrainian army’s positions. After November 2014, Rebels advanced through these cities with more heavy weapons and outnumbered the Ukrainian armies. They took the control of these cities and started holding many strategic positions one after another.

Fall of Debaltseve

Till date neither US nor EU has given importance to this civil war like condition in Ukraine. But when the rebels Pro Russian captured Debaltseve and compelled the Ukrainian army to leave that strategic hold, US saw a dark chapter coming to the way. It respond quickly and president of America took the decision to help Ukraine to resolve the conflict. Many senators supported the decision and Navy of US  starts seven nations drill in Black sea.

US starts Seven nations drill in Black sea

Now it is to see, how Pro Russian changes their strategies to be in the war. Already they have withdrawn heavy weapons already. US and its allies may not enter Ukraine if situation goes under control and peace talk starts. This seven nations drill is a sign that US with Nato can interfere in Ukraine if government of Ukraine request them to do. Under this pressure, it will be a piece of watch, how Moscow and Pro Russian rebels changes their war games into advantages as they had done in Crimea.

What Next?

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