Ukraine Crisis: Government and Rebels fails Deadline of Arms withdrawl

Government and Rebels fails deadline of Arms Withdrawl:

Ukraine crisis is growing and it is becoming more condensed than ever. Everyone thought that after the meeting of five presidents, they could manage to convince, Ukrainian government and rebels both parties to withdrawl heavy arms. But Government and Rebels fails to withdraw heavy arms. The year long crisis already has claimed over 5000 lives in the eastern Ukraine region.

Ukraine Crisis-No sign of arms withdrawl

Annexation of Crimea was peaceful and when the Pro Russian rebels entered the mainland of the Ukraine, they got engaged in war with Ukrainian army. Sometimes we saw intense fighting and sometimes a kind of cold war between them.

Though Ukrainian army managed to tackle the wave somehow, the citizens of the towns of Eastern Ukraine feel that government forces will not able to tackle the pro Russian for long time as those rebels are also heavily armed with all kinds of modern army warfare and probably backed by Russian army though Russian President and army have been denying it.

Where they (Ukrainian army and pro Russian rebels) are fighting now:

Mariupol, is the centre of fighting now as the pro Russian rebels tighten fighting to capture the port city. This is one of the important and strategic points for both- Government army to hold and rebels to capture. This is the main reason of rising Ukraine crisis now.

They are accusing one another for the rising crisis in the region. European Union is continuing sanctions against Russia.

There is no sign of improvement till now as Government and Rebels fails deadline of Arms withdrawl.

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