Ukraine Crisis second phase: 15 Killed in Maruipol by Rocket attack

Fifteen killed by a rocket attack in Maruipol, Ukraine. Maruipol is a highly strategic point for Ukraine as it is the only area that splits the rebel held eastern Ukraine from Crimea.

How 15 killed in Maruipol:

fifteen killed in Maruipol

Maruipol is the key target now

People got under attack when a grenade rocket hit a local market. But Pro Russian rebels denied it.

A vast area of Donetsk and Luhansk are under control of the Pro Russiean rebels and they are in offensive to gobble up the Maruipol so that they can connect Crimea and the other eastern cities, they are holding now.

If the Pro Russians get this job done and join these two areas, it would be more difficult for the Kiev to revive the whole eastern Ukraine.

Kiev is giving the Pro Russian warnings to avoid the clash with Ukrainian army in Maruipol. Till now more than five thousand civilian have been killed from April 2014. It is going on.

Ukraine Official reacted on Mouripol attack:

“Maruipol is a strong hold of Ukrainian army and they will defend with their last blood, we will not let it go under rebel’s control” Said a State army officer of Ukraine.

Rebels already have seized the Maruipol Airport and started bombing on the other part of the city. According to the Pro Russian rebel’s spokesman they have lost twenty four troops in last twenty four hours.

Ukraine still believes that regular Russian army troops are fighting along side of the rebels in the whole eastern front. They are using heavy artilleries and all to destroy Ukrainian position in Maruipol.

Moscow denied it as well as said that some Moscow volunteers are fighting there and they are not supplying any kind of artillery to them.

After fifteen people being killed in an attack in Maruipol today, the whole city is under scare and counting time to be under Pro Russian control.

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