US Air Strike Killed ISIS’s Deputy Chief

US airstrike killed Islamic States deputy yesterday in Northern Iraq. IS also confirmed the news that a US led air strike in Northern part of Iraq killed their deputy who was the second in command after Baghdadi in IS. They have called for revenge. In the mean time IS has been driven out from a large portion of Northern Iraq by the coalition forces and Kurdish Peshmarga forces. US led bombers helped them to regain control over almost full Northern Iraq. They have warned- Turkish, kurdish forces also. Middle East has become the battle arena of Turkey, Kurdish and ISIS.

US air strike on isis

How the Second in Command of IS was Killed

Yesterday US led bombers bombed over a convoy carrying IS members where the person who is one of the key person of IS there. Hazi Mutaj was his name. Though his name did not come up for many times, he is one of the most influential men in IS battalion.

IS Called For Revenge

It is marked as one of the winning points over IS. But all know that only killing one key person will not help us lot to gain win over Islamic States. Red alert has been declared over the whole area where Kurdish forces are controlling as Is called for revenge.

Who was “Hazi” or “Hayali”

Hayali was an essential facilitator for moving a lot of weapons, explosives, vehicles and individuals in the middle of Iraq and Syria, the US National Security Council’s Ned Price said in a statement.

In Iraq, Hayali was instrumental in arranging operations in the course of recent years, incorporating the IS hostile in Mosul in June 2014 Mr Price said. He is depicted as the senior appointee to IS pioneer Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who was reportedly truly harmed in another air strike by the US led coalition in March this year.

Hayali’s demise will antagonistically effect IS’s operations given that his impact spread over IS’s account, media, operations, and logistics Mr Price included.

A second IS part who facilitated media, known as Abu Abdullah, was killed in the same air strike as Hayali. It comes a while after Iraqi defence authorities announced another IS second-in-command, Abdul Rahman Mustafa Mohammed, dead in an air strike in northern Iraq. Mohammed, otherwise called Abu Alaa al-Afari, was slaughtered inside a mosque hit by a strike in Tal Afar in May, they reported.

US Bombing & Present Condition of IS

At the time, there were unverified reports Afari had taken impermanent charge of IS operations in the midst of reports IS pioneer Baghdadi had gotten to be crippled. In June this year, the US reported that more than 10,000 IS militants had been killed in the US led international coalition started its bombing against the dangerous Islamic militants’ group since the previous summer.

What Next?

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