US ambassador in South Korea was attacked with knife but the injuries are not life threatening. The US ambassador, Mark Lippert was attending a meeting and doing his breakfast in Seoul. He was taken to the hospital and admitted into emergency but his condition is stable right now. Though he has gotten injuries in Left hand and face, his injuries are not so serious to be panic about according to the medical bulletin published.

US Ambassador in South Korea was attacked with Knife

Who did attack on US ambassador with Knife?

The attacker is a 55 year old man who has a history of militant Korean activists. He demanded that South and North Korea should be unified again for its interest and glorious history. Security personnel nabbed the attacker and got him in prison of police custody.

Why did he attack US ambassador?

The attacker was shouting against US South Korea’s joint military exercise that is going on. He shouted that America is the enemy of Korea and tried to pull its all wealth and power by dividing Korea. There is no evidence that the attacker is n North Korean agent or anything that links him to the interest of North Korea. This man had thrown concrete block to Japanese ambassador earlier.

There is nothing to hide that the US ambassador Mark Lippert was attacked for giving panic siren to the US Korean alliance in military drill 2015. President of USA, Obama called Mark and wished for his speedy recovery.