North Korea Fired two minimum ranged missiles in the sea during the scheduled drill of US and South Korea. The military drill of lasts twelve days every year and it causes anger in Pyongyang. North Korea always speaks against this type of military drill and called it the preparation of invasion in North Korea. Though the missiles did not hit anything, it shows the agonies of Communist North Korea.

US and South Korea military drill 2015

US and South Korea Military Drills 2014:  

This type of joint drill held in last year (2014) also. But that US – South Korea drill did not affect a lot and North Korea also did not react on that as the drill arranged and ended secretly.   

US and South Korea Military Drill 2015:

Tension was there from the initial day of the joint military rehearsal of US and South Korea 2015. North Korea warned them not to carry out the joint armed forces exercise. But US and South Korea rejected the opinion of the North Korea and decided to carry out the drill on the scheduled time.

US and South Korea Military Drill & North Korea’s reaction:

US and South Korean joint military exercise 2015 has started yesterday and North Korea fired two Scud CB and Scud DB types’ short ranged missiles in the Korean Sea. This is the outburst of their anger. South Korean Military spokesman mentioned the firing of missiles as the provocation for a war.

North Korea did not speak anything but mentioned the US South Korea military drill 2015 as the rehearsal of the invasion in North Korea.