An US drone strike killed at least nine Pakistani militants in Afghanistan’s Nangarhar area early Tuesday, intelligence authorities said, a piece of a strengthening drone fight against Pakistani militants in Afghanistan.

US Drone attack

When US Drone Attack militants

At early morning US drone strike the positions of Pakistani militants by a bunker buster missile.

Tuesday’s drone strike was close to the site of wild battling on the Pakistani side of the border lately. Drone planes have been beating Taliban positions in the Tirah Valley in the Khyber area, and the military says it has killed a number of militants. At least seven warriors have also been killed.

US Drone attack | Pakistan’s Reaction

Two Pakistani intelligence authorities confirmed Tuesday’s strike in the Nazyan territory of Nangarhar close to Pakistan’s Khyber Agency. They said the nine militants had a place with the Pakistani Taliban and Lashkar-e-Islam, which declared a union with the Taliban not long ago.

US Drone attack | Battle in Afghanistan

Nobody tracks drone strikes in Afghanistan – a significant number of them happen in remote locales and are not reported – however Taliban commanders say that fighters are targeted since before the end of last year. The strikes come in the midst of warming relations in the middle of Pakistan and Afghanistan, generally unfriendly neighbors who every blame the other for harboring insurgents to go about as intermediary powers.

Relations enhanced after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani was chosen a year ago. Pakistan says it is supporting potential peace talks between the Afghan government and Afghan Taliban. Representatives from Pakistan can weight Afghan Taliban with bases in Pakistan to arrange. Be that as it may Pakistan has likewise said it needs to see move made against Pakistani insurgents with bases in Afghanistan.