United States of America- the name tells everything. Where ever we go, we will see- US dominates almost all sectors. From inter continental trades to international business and from defence to space technology etc. After the cold war, Soviet Union divided and US became the only super power. From Asia to Africa and Europe to Middle East, everywhere US is present. But in recent years, it seems that the power of the super power has been dimming down slowly. Countries like China, Australia, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, and Brazil are coming up and have been gathering for futuristic purposes where just before a decade anything like these were simply impossible without White House’s interventions.   In the course of recent years, America’s fortunes have changed with confounding pace. Now a point- the enormous writhings: the devastation of the Twin Towers in 2001 and the breakdown of Lehman Brothers in 2008.

US Super power is under threat

Afghanistan War & NSA Leaks| Operation against Taliban

Many critics believe the Long wars in Afghanistan and Iraq have claimed a huge blood cost – the lives of 6,852 American military and also monstrous budgetary costs, assessed to be as high as $6 trillion (£3.9tn). The detainment focus at Guantanamo Bay has undermined American beliefs, pretty much as the NSA and Wikileaks spying embarrassments have undercut American diplomacy. Yes, off course these things have some valid reasons to be included. But these are not all.

Democrats or Republican- It’s actually America’s Way

Is there really a big difference between the Republican and Democrats? Really, what do you think? George W Bush, a president with a Manichean perspective, was generally seen as over avid to venture America’s military may, without satisfactorily considering the long haul outcomes. Barack Obama, who battled in 2008 on a stage of removing America from its disagreeable and debilitating wars, has drawn feedback for separating excessively.  That’s why Obama pulled off marines from Iraq to cut out military costs. In recent days America declared that they would cut 40,000 soldiers in their military units. It shows that they are going to depending upon technologies and that’s why they are cutting man powers.

Influence of America is going down recently. Under both presidents – the initial an incautious unilateralist, the second a natural multi-lateralist content some of the time to lead from behind – America’s worldwide standing has been decreased. Surveys consistently demonstrate that Americans perceive that their nation’s universal standing has melted away.

What Americans Think of Their Country? A real face off

You will be shocked when you will see the inner picture of American youth! Among the young, this trend line has fallen drastically. Just 15% of 18-29-year-olds accept that America is the best nation on the planet, as per Pew, down from 27% in 2011. Tellingly, in any case, there has been no incredible open clamor.

America is not taking any decision and does not want to do everything itself. They are partnering with other countries now days. Never again is there much craving for America playing its long-standing part of worldwide military, even despite the ascent of the gathering calling itself Islamic State. The expense, human and money related, is considered excessively incredible. Americans progressively feel that different nations ought to share the weight.

Obama, while keeping on trumpeting American exceptionalism, frequently preludes comments on foreign issues by recognizing the points of confinement of US power, again with minimal open objection. The upshot is that the United States is no more so quick to apply initiative in an inexorably untidy world. Yet one of the reasons why the world has turn out to be so untidy is on the grounds that America is no more so dynamic in forcing request.

Is America losing power? Or Rise of other Nations Vertically?   

If we put some recent incidents under lens we can easily understand that America is not putting its hand in everything. Sometimes if it’s required, America cals other neighboring countries to be partnered with. Through the span of this century Washington has lost its trepidation variable. World pioneers these days appear to be arranged to incite the fierceness of the White House, certain that it will never descend upon them. It clarifies why the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, in the wake of unleashing chemical weapons against his kin, keeps on shelling them with barrel bombs.

Russia’s Influence in Ukraine- a shadow War against America and NATO

Putin’s Russia has been continuing support pro Russian rebels in Ukraine though situation is somewhat stable. It’s nothing but a shadow war against America. Why Vladimir Putin added Crimea, furthermore offered a place of refuge for the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden. Furthermore why Benjamin Netanyahu looked down on the Obama government, by tolerating a welcome from the Republican congressional authority to address a joint session of Congress, a stage he used to lambast the Iran atomic arrangement.

Syria Crisis- Use of Chemical Weapon against Civilians

America was silent about Syria’s doings though whole world criticized that. Assad’s mocking of American notices is particularly significant. In indiscriminate killing such a large number of their citizens with chemical weapons, he outrageously crossed the red line forced by Obama, yet got away discipline. The president was unwilling to help through on an express danger; in what was the greatest foreign policy climbs down of his administration furthermore a standout amongst the most noteworthy in the previous 50 years.

America’s Move towards Iran’s Situation

Indeed, even supporters of Barack Obama accept he committed a lethal key error, in light of the fact that it showed perpetual adaptability and an absence of American determination. Evidently, autocrats around the globe observed. America’s hesitance to deploy new military activities has likewise had a noteworthy bearing on the atomic arrangements with Iran. Tehran has figured out how to concentrate striking concessions, for example, the progressing capacity to enrich uranium, until now precluded by the Americans.

It has played a feeble hand firmly, in light of the fact that it realizes that America has what the foreign illicit relationships feature writer Thomas Friedman calls a void holster. Nor is it simply America’s foes who no more trepidation the White House to the degree they once did.

Bypassing America in international Affairs by other partner countries

As of late, two trusted partners, Britain and Australia, have challenged the Obama government by joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. By joining to the AIIB, they are viably supporting Beijing’s push to set up money related adversaries to the Bretton Woods establishments, the World Bank and International Monetary Fund (IMF), which are overwhelmed by America.

By looking for enhanced commercial and diplomatic relations with China, Britain and Australia are likewise supporting. They think that America won’t be the predominant Pacific military power uncertainly, nor the world’s premier monetary powerhouse. Other American associates would gripe that the reliability element has likewise gone. Israel feels severely let around the Obama government over the Iran arrangement, and relations between Benjamin Netanyahu and Barack Obama are harmful.

America’s influence in middle east- A real world analysis

The president, by utilizing intentionally questionable dialect, has even flagged that his organization may end its conventional assurance of Israel at the United Nations. Like Israel, Saudi Arabia has been incensed by the planned atomic manage the Iranians. Riyadh additionally realizes that America is no more so subject to its oil, the foundation of the relationship since the end of World War Two. Egypt was enraged in 2012 when Obama said Cairo was neither a partner nor an adversary.

Later, the State Department issued an embarrassing remedy, and reestablished Cairo as a noteworthy non-Nato associate. Possibly Obama’s Egyptian blunder, and the slight it passed on, was really a Freudian slip. Truth be told, he hasn’t invested the same vitality sustaining alliances as his forerunners. The confined air that has been a sign of his administration additionally stretches out to foreign undertakings.

Here, I assemble, Obama perceives intellectually that he could do much all the more as far as rubbing the personalities of world pioneers, yet can’t exactly force him to do as such. To be sure, a typical objection is that the Obama organization has organized normalizing relations with its one-time adversaries, Iran and Cuba, to the detriment of cultivating longstanding kinships.

Understanding that America is no more so steady, and no more so occupied with the Middle East, the Saudis have as of late made military move they could call their own in Yemen. There’s likewise been a warming of relations in the middle of Riyadh and Moscow. Also, Egypt dispatched airstrikes in February against the Islamic State bunch in Libya.

America’s remaining in the Middle East has irrefutably wound down, alongside its capacity to shape occasions. Additional shocking has been its slippage in Africa, Obama’s hereditary home, and Asia, the center of his quite vaunted turn. In Asia, America’s middle regard rating in 2014, as measured by Gallup, was 39%, a 6% drop following 2011.

America’s influence in Africa- A real world analysis

In Africa, the middle regard went down to 59%, the least since surveying started, in spite of Obama facilitating the US-Africa Leaders’ Summit in Washington in August, a year ago. House speaker John Boehner welcomed Netanyahu to address Congress, knowing it would madden the White House.

Democrats with reservations about free trade have attempted to attack the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the greatest trade bargain subsequent to Nafta. There’s additionally been solid congressional resistance to one of the huge plays of Obama’s second term, the rapprochement with Cuba. Should nations listen to the president or Congress?

America Vs China- A greater competition ahead

America can’t even lay claim any more to its incredible, uncontested brag subsequent to 1872, of being the world’s biggest economy. The IMF now evaluates that China’s economy is partially greater. Yet it would be a slip-up to misrepresent the cutting back of American impact. US military spending keeps on pre-dominating its adversaries and up until a year ago added up to more than the following 10 nations joined.

In spite of the fact that America is fighting with the ascent of the rest – China, India, Brazil, Germany and Russia – it has not yet been overwhelmed by developing opponents. In reality, there are foreign policy scholars here who anticipate that America will safeguard its pre-distinction for in any event an additional 20 years. Yet the unipolar minute introduced by the fall of the Berlin Wall has turned out to be only that: passing. Besides, any desires for another world request after the breakdown of the Soviet Union have offered approach to across the board negativity about the spread, even the virus, of worldwide issue.

Gone is the sureness of America’s Cold War considering, when the control of communism administered its universal activities. Gone are the regulations that gave US foreign policy such an inflexible casing, all through the Cold War and in the repercussions of 9/11. Gone, as well, is the thought that each battle is an American battle and alongside it a redefinition of what constitutes the US national hobby. Barack Obama has rather supported realism and diplomatic smoothness, attempting to control a way between America being overextended and under dedicated.