US To Intensify Anti ISIS Operation

United States of America is all set to launch active anti IS (Islamic State) operations in middle East. US has already been a partner of Kurdish YPG forces against ISIS in Iraq and Syria and has been bombing on ISIS position to facilitate joint Kurdish forces and Iraqi military to hold positions and capture the objectives. US led air strikes also prevented ISIS from reinforcements in many strategic locations in Iraq and Syria. This time US President Barrack Obama said that America would apply all possible participation to end the inhuman terrorist group- ISIS (Islamic States of Iraq and Syria).

kurdish fighters against ISIS

America to make Anti IS operation more effective

It’s not clear yet whether US will drop its military or not because President Barrack Obama mentioned that US will need a effective ground partner to defeat ISIS in Syria. In last two days YPG fighters lost control of two towns in Syria. In the meant time US has started bombing directly on Raqqa which was declared as the capital of ISIS in Syria.

US led airstrikes targeted many ISIS positions in Raqqa and has been bombing heavily since last week. It seems that US is trying to finish this mess as soon as possible. The control of town An-Issa in Syria has gone under ISIS from the YPG fighters. They had captured the town before two weeks and before two days ISIS started intensive fighting with YPG and took the control of the town again.

kurdish ypg fighters got US air support

According to the Pentagon Authority, America will not drop marines to fight ISIS on ground. US will help the ground people (YPG and Iraqi military) with air strikes. US has not made any sound on direct action plan yet.

Barrack Obama called for pull full whole military unit from Iraq in 2012 and declared that they would not intervene in any matter. But just after ISIS made its dangerous attack on Iraq and they were about to capture Baghdad at that time. Iraqi army was fully isolated.

US started sir strikes then. After some times they sent 400 military officer to train Iraqi forces to fight ISIS but they did not send military unit directly. That’s why there is a little chance to send US forces directly.

Kurdish forces have captured many strategic locations from ISIS and Iraqi forces are also in full swing to recapture many town held by IS in Iraq. That’s is an reason why US will not put its hand directly on ground forces though it has been dropping fighting equipment and arms to the YPG location in regular basis so that YPG groups will not run through ammo shortage. America is supporting the ground troops of Kurdish fighters and continues its sir strikes on IS points. Yesterday, US air forces launched heavy bombardment over Raqqa (Capital of ISIS). More than 70 IS terrorists have been killed in this attack.

Iraqi administrations are looking for direct US involvement in the IS matter in Iraq as they are not so confident about YPG fighters. Kurdish alliances are fighting along the north border of Iraq and Syria. YPGs have two symbolic victory over ISIS- One is the famous Kobane and another is Tel Abiyad capture mission. IS was trying to recapture the town before a few days but failed.

Now, it’s time to see how US reacts on this matter as they have already declared that they would go for intense fight against IS to destroy it fully.

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