Wiki Leaks Reveals NSA Snooping on French Presidents

Another dangerous reveal! It’s also about the US snooping on the European leaders. This time, it is on the French Presidents! The US National Security Agency (NSA) kept an eye on French Presidents, including former presidents Jacques Chirac, Nicolas Sarkozy and present chaired President Francois Hollande in 2006-12, WikiLeaks says. The informant website refers to top secret intelligence data & reports and specialized documents from the NSA.

NSA Snooping French president

The US has not affirmed the veracity of the published documents in Wikileaks till now, while Mr Hollande assembled a protection council conference on the issue for Wednesday. In 2013 the NSA was blamed for keeping a spy eye on German Chancellor Angela Merkel. That issue went up to a mark of embarrassment for US.

On Tuesday, Wikileaks said it started publishing the documents under the heading Espionnage Elysee which is a reference to the French presidential palace.

Wiki leaks Published US’s NSA Snooping Reports on French Presidents

It said the all the secret records get from straightforwardly focused on NSA surveillance of the interchanges of the three French presidents and additionally French ministers and the ambassador to the US. One of the records, dated 2012, is about Mr Hollande discussing a matter on Greece’s conceivable way out from the eurozone, while another is from 2011, claims that Mr Sarkozy was resolved to resume peace talks in between of Israel and the Palestinians, perhaps without any US association.

Where these secret NSA reports come from

It is misty whether the material originates from data stolen by previous NSA spy Edward Snowden. The WikiLeaks records have now been published by France’s Liberation daily paper and the Mediapart investigative website.

Wiki Leaks says “It’s yet to be revealed”

WikiLeaks conveyed an announcement; Julian Assange says that the French individuals have a privilege to realize that their elected government is liable to threatening surveillance from an so called assumed partner- The United States of America. French people can expect all the more auspicious and imperative disclosures sooner rather than later.

Wikileaks representative Kristinn Hrafnsson told that despite the fact that its disclosures of NSA telephone tapping against Mrs Merkel had excluded any genuine evidence, this time they were creating what he said were mystery reports. It demonstrates the lengths the NSA and the top authorities in the US are willing to go he said.

In light of the asserted releases, National Security Council representative Ned Price said we are not going to remark on particular intelligence allegations.

As a general matter, we don’t lead any foreign intelligence surveillance exercises unless there is a particular and accepted national security reasons and this covered all individuals citizens and world leaders alike.

He later included:

[quote_box_center]”We are not focusing on and won’t focus on the correspondences of President Hollande. We work very closely with France as an important friend on all matters of global concern, and the French are irreplaceable ally”[/quote_box_center]

The French presidential helper told AFP news office that Mr Hollande would hold a defence council meeting to assess the way of the information distributed by the press on Tuesday evening and to reach valuable inferences. Previous French defence and foreign issues priest Michele Alliot-Marie told iTele TV that France had long known the US had the capacity catch discussions by intercepting all the calls.

We are not credulous; the urgent discussions and the order giving that occurred between the defence ministry and the president did not happen on the phone she said.

That being said, it does raise the issue of the relationship of trust between allies.The claim that the US had kept an eye on Germany’s Chancellor Merkel emerged from documents spilled by Mr Snowden about expansive scale US surveillance in 2013.

At the point when the allegations were made the White House made no by and large dissent, yet said Mrs Merkel’s telephone was not being bothered right now and would not be in future. The asserted spying stunned popular conclusion in Germany, with Mrs Merkel saying that spying between allies simply isn’t on.

Be that as it may, maximum mainstream German medias later reported that Germany’s national intelligence organization had kept an eye on top French authorities and on the EU’s central station for the US. There were additionally reports that German intelligence had listened stealthily on telephone calls by US Secretary of State John Kerry and his helping hand Hillary Clinton. An unclassified German government sources said the rings had been picked unintentionally.

Recently, Germany dropped its all investigations in the charged tapping of Mrs Merkel’s telephone, saying there was insufficient confirmation to legitimize legitimate activity. In 2013 Brazilian media reported that NSA documents demonstrated the office had additionally kept  snooping on Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff and President Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico.

Albeit at first offended, President Rousseff later made moves to cover things up, saying the Obama government had not been specifically responsible for it.

Though USA dropped the charges against them and denied all the things, French defence and intelligence agencies are working hard to break these things and had alerted all the important government centers about the issues. What do you think- All these are gotten from Edward Snowden only or there are many undercover whistleblowers like him in NSA?

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