World’s oldest woman is living in Arkansas USA, Gertrude Weaver died at the age of 116, according to new reports. Weaver  has a few things in common with the woman who now holds the title of world’s most old person, Jeralean Talley. They both attribute their longevity to a compassionate spirit and regular exercise.

Weaver held the title of world’s oldest woman for only 5 days after the Japanese woman Misao Okawa. Misao Okawa died on April 1st, a few days after she completed her 117 years.

key to longevity

According to  KATV, an Arkansas station, Weaver was born on 4th July 1898 and died on Monday after suffering complication due to pneumonia.

After Weaver’s sad demise, the oldest woman’s title now belongs to Jeralean Talley, who now lives in Michigan, USA. Susannah Mushatt Jones form New York and Italian Emma Morano closely follow her. The followers of the title are 115+ pears of age.

Key To longevity

In an interview conducted by Times Magazine in 2014 Weaver disclosed some of her likes. She said she liked studying Bible and enjoyed wheelchair dancing and manicures. She said in the interview that the secret of her long life lies in kindness. According to her one should treat others nicely and in the same way they want themselves to be treated.

The Japanese woman Okawa has slightly different advice. An interview was conducted by Japan Times with Okawa in which she reportedly said that the key to her longevity lies in her eating of delicious things like hashed beef, rice, beef stew and ramen noodles.

Researchers link longevity to being vegetarian, having sound genes, eating high amounts of fiber-containing food, jogging, volunteering  and not sitting too much.

World oldest person who had the longest life till now was French national Jeanne Louise Clament. He died at the age of 122 years and 164 days.