Yemen Crisis Continues | Al Qaeda Seizes Mukalla Airport

There is no sign of ending the ongoing Yemen Crisis. Fighting has been going on between Houthi rebels and troops loyal to president for over last six months. This time a new outfit of ISIS, that is named as Al Qaeda in Arab Peninsula entered the scene. They have captured an airport in South Yemen.

Yemen Crisis

Yemen Crisis | Al Qaeda Seizes Mukalla Airport and Oil Terminal

Al Qaeda militants captured an oil terminal in the south of the Mukalla. Saudi led military coalition forces have been bombing on the ISIS positions for last two months. But they are failing to restrict the Houthi rebels. This Shia militant group took the control of Saana and entered the most strategic city- Aden in south Yemen. It’s a matter of time to overrun the city for them. Many military experts are advising for a ground offensive against the Houthis.

But the Al Qaeda in Arab Peninsula is gaining pace as Houthis and government soldiers are engaged in fighting with each other. With the passive and moral support from Iran, Houthis are about to get the superior power in Yemen. But the Qaeda is also advancing and grabbing many areas by taking the advantage of the fighting of Saudi led coalition and Houthis in Yemen.

If they (Al Qaeda in Arab Peninsula) get control of some of the important oil fields or oil terminal, they can use those for fetching fund for the ISIS that is struggling in Syria and Iraq. That is why Iraq repeatedly states the matter of the Al Qaeda’s presence in Yemen’s some of the most crucial economic zones including Mukalla. As of now they seized the airport there and are controlling an oil terminal also.

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