Yemen Crisis: Operation Rahat is Going to Wrap Up

As the Houthi militants are coming near to the shore of Aden, Yemen Crisis is touching sky. India has been carrying out rescue operation “Operation Rahat” in Yemen to evacuate Indians from the Yemen’s war zones. Indian navy warships- INS Mumbai, INS Sumitra along with Indian Airforce’s three M7 Hercules and some attack helicopters are carrying out the operation Rahat in Yemen.

Operation Rahat in Yemen

Indian marines and army men are carrying Indians from the war zones by little boats and hovercrafts to the INS warships. Meanwhile Pakistan has joined the operation with India to rescue its own people. Indian navy rescued 13 Pakistani and Pakistani Navy similarly has rescued some Indians also.

Operation Rahat For US Citizens Also!

Drama started when US told their citizens to get in touch with Indians as they had no plan to evacuate Americans from Yemen right now. People are criticizing this decision. But America is politically correct. American presence in Yemen may trigger more crisis now. That’s why they are depending on India to evacuate Americans also.

Operation Rahat | Rescue through Planes From Sanaa

India has rescued 3500 people so far from the burning Yemen. Operation Rahat was started when Saudi Arab pulled the wire of war against Houthi. Saudi Arab has given a three hour window to India to land on the Sana’a Airstrips as they are holding the power there. Everyday Air India’s plane lands there but unfortunately people could not come up to the Airport crossing the bloody war grounds.

Yemen Crisis | Saudi Arab Vs Iran

Meanwhile Houthi militants have captured more than 90% areas of port city Aden. Saudi Arab is landing bombs and barrel bombs everyday but situation seems out of control. They are accusing Iran for supporting and supplying arms to the Houthis. But as usually Iran denied that and said that they had no intention to create crisis as they were in crisis already.

Nerve war or you better call it Cold war between Shia Iran and Sunni Saudi Arab. They are directly showing their power in Yemen. Iran is supplying their support to the Houthis that is basically a Shia militant group over the Yemen-Iran border’s points. Where Saudi Arab engaged itself in direct action by bombing from planes and dropping arms to the Sunni fighters on the war grounds to tackle Houthi militants.

Indian foreign ministry led by Sushma Swaraj has done an incredible job. General VK Singh has personally  supervised the rescue operation from Ground Zero.

India’s marine commando- Markos and marine soldiers are doing a extraordinary jobs by picking Indians from the dangerous war zones and bringing them by boats to the ships that are awaiting five kilometers away from the shore of Aden.

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