Yemen Crisis: Crisis continues in Yemen. One after another crisis is hitting middle east since the rise of the ISIS in Iraq. Houthi revolution in Yemen added the new line in this crisis. Port city Aden of Yemen is on fire as the Houthi militants are trying this strategically important city. As per the reports, Shia militants that is called Houthi militants in Yemen is approaching towards the center of the city with armored vehicles and bulldozers.

Saudi Coalition Vs Houthi Militants

Saudi led coalition continues the air strike on the Houthis in Yemen and trying to push them from the port city Aden as this city is very important for further progression in Yemen in future. Houthi leader is saying that they are not bulldozing anything or not approaching to demolish the Aden port. They are trying to defend the port from being captured by foreign soldiers.

Yemen Crisis is evolving over and intensifying

Militants groups in Yemen are blaming Saudi because according to them Saudi Arab is sending border soldiers in Aden, though Saudi Arab denies the fact. In this part, Saudi Arab confessed that one of their border soldier was killed yesterday in exchange of fire with the militants in the border area.

Why Yemen Crisis is intensifying

If Saudis captures the port city Aden, then they will control the port related business and will accumulate fund for further aggression in Yemen. They can use those funds for buying arms and building more stronger human network. That’s why Saudi Arabia is trying to push those militants from the Aden.

Fighting is still on and Aden is literally on fire. Yemen crisis is intensifying as Saudi coalition is taking on the Houthi Shia militants.