After two months Pro government troops and southern militia men made some further advancement against Houthi rebels. They got control of some portions of Aden which was gone under control of Houthi rebels.

Southern pro government militia men along with the Yemen soldiers are advancing for the offensive against the northern rebels.

Yemen crisis in Aden

Houthi Vs Southern Militia

Houthis are trying to end the reign of President Hadi in Yemen. In the six month long fights with Houthi government troops had lost the ground in almost all strategic cities and towns. But with the help of Saudi led coalition air strikes, it seems the southern pro government militia men got the oxygen of attack. They are advancing on ground while coalition air forces are targeting the key positions of Houthi fighters on ground and cutting down the chances of reinforcement.

Southern Militia Men took Control of Aden Sea and air port

As of today, Houthi are driven out from the city- Aden. Pro government militia and troops regained the control of the airport of Aden and the main sea port. Through this sea port India ran its Operation Rahat before two months. It was a successful rescue operation.

Saudi Arab’s Influence- Operation Golden Arrow

After regaining the key points in Aden, government fighters are progressing towards the Mualla district of Southern Yemen. It is expected that Saudi led air forces will help them to capture the control of Mualla also. All the blue prints of this operation have prepared in Saudi Arabia. This retreat operation is named as Operation Golden Arrow. 

Fighters from the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) joined government military men and made a coalition to fight against the rebels. United Arab Emirates has provided some many armored vehicles to this group.

Warships deployed in Gulf also targeting the strong hold of Houthis in Aden and its nearby areas. This morning Pro government militia men captured the airport of Aden, over ran the Khormaksar district and some parts that connects the city- Aden to the mainland.

Capturing Aden was a symbolic victory for the rebels but now it is becoming the biggest set back for the Houthis. Though government soldiers and militia men loyal to the president are advancing with the help of Saudi Arab, the capital is under control of the rebels. It seems they will target Sanaa after securing their perimeters in Mualla. More than a dozens of civilians and fighters have died in the recent fights between Houthis and southern militia group.

There is no one who is concerned about the Al Qaeda’s rise in Arabian peninsula. Everyone is talking about the Houthis and pro government men. Al-Qaeda is Arabian Peninsula is going to be one of the main headache in near future in Yemen again.