Yemen Crisis | Red Cross will send Aid in Capital

Ongoing Crisis in Yemen: Crisis in Yemen is growing and in this condition Red Cross will send a plane full of aid, mostly medicines in Capital, Sanaa. Red Cross will arrange medical staffs and equipment in Sanaa as civilian casualties is growing up. Fight between Sunni and Shia Houthis has intensified as both of the team is trying to capture Aden. Aden is the most important city in Yemen because it is the harbour city and has several ports.

Red Cross will send aid plane in Yemen

Yemen Crisis | Its Worse than ever

Saudi led airstrikes are harming Houthis approach in some extent. But it seems that only airstrike will not hold them away from Aden. It requires a ground fight too as Houthis militants are approaching from all corners and trying to seize the city.

Yemen Crisis | Red Cross sending Aid Plane

Red Cross is sending two planes full of medical staffs and medicines in the capital of Yemen. It is expected that almost 500 staffs will be there to take care the whole facility.

Red Cross’s Urge & Houthis Reaction

Red Cross society is urging for a 24 hour pause for humanitarian pause for the support staffs in Sanaa. Houthis said that they would not harm the aid workers, their one and only aim was replace Hadi Government, nothing else!

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