Yemen Crisis | Saudi Troops and Houthi Rebels engage in fighting at border

Yemen crisis is growing faster than we expected. Last night, Houthi rebels launched a ground assault at a check point of Yemen Saudi Arabia border named Najran. In this direct operation, dozens of rebels and four Saudi troops have been killed. Somehow Saudi troops managed to repel the attack. It was the first time direct attack on Saudi land since Saudi Arab engaged itself in war through bombarding from fighter planes to support Yemen government’s soldiers. But till now seventeen Saudi troops have been killed. In last week, three Saudi soldiers were killed after a rocket hit the border post.

Yemen Crisis is getting intensifying as Soudi and Houthis engaged in border fight

Yemen Crisis and Arab Vs Shia Houthis

Joint Arab military forces have been engaged if fight against the Houthi rebels for last three months and exchanged firing couple of times with the rebels at borders check point.

Saudi Troops & Houthi Rebels engage in fighting at border

But the attack that happened last night, was one of the deadliest direct ground assault against Saudi Arabia by the Shia rebels. There were few Saudi soldiers at that border checkpoint. They were surrounded by the Houthi rebels and they got outnumbered. Three soldiers got dead. After the man down condition they asked for air support. Then two F18 Super Hornet came and did bombing on the rebel’s position. Several Houthi got injured and more than 20 casualties happened to the Houthi forces.

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