Yemen Crisis | UN criticises Saudi Arabia for month long Bombing in Yemen

Saudi Arab is carrying out their daily air strikes against Houthi Rebels regularly. There is no sign of improvement of the on going Yemen crisis. Recently United Nation criticized Saudi Arab for continuous bombing in Yemen. UN says that for this bombing mission, life of many trapped people and residents of many cities are getting into danger. Saudi Arab did not give any response on this regard but is continuing their air strikes against the Shia Houthi rebels.

Soudi Arab air strikes in Yemen

Just a week before, Saudi military got engaged in a deadly firing at border region with one of the militant group of Houthi. According to the report, more than 1500 people killed after Saudi Arab started bombing. Chief of the Houthi Shia Militant groups accused Saudi Arab for killing of innocent residents of cities in Yemen. Saudi Arab accused Iran for supporting the Shia militants. Before three days Senegal from Africa sent 2100 troops to support Saudi Arab against Shia Houthi militants.

Basically Yemen conflict becomes a power show of Saudi Arab and Iran (One is Sunni Country and another is Shia Country). UN urged Saudi Arab to stop their continuous bombing in Yemen. Saudi Arab provided three hour windows for humanitarian aids to the international agencies but that was also for a week. Yesterday in a meeting in United Nation, chief social service officer criticized Saudi for bombing in Yemen.

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