Yes, Hindu-Muslim Co-Exists, Salman Khan Proves So

The ‘bhai’ of Bollywood leaves the court flummoxed with his affirmation of being dualistic, Hindu-Muslim. Dabangg man who on Wednesday was brought to court against his impending poaching charges painted a bizarre version on caste.

On being questioned by the magistrate about his caste, Salman announced, ”I am an Indian”. The judge then reverted back saying, ”There is a column which needs to be filled so you will have to tell”. Salman reluctantly replied, “I am both Hindu and Muslim. My father (Salim Khan) is a Muslim and mother (Sushila Charak) is Hindu.”

Salman Khan

What made him appear on the court was his record of blackbucks’-poach. Amidst the night of October 1st and 2nd, during the shooting of movie Hum Sath Sath Hai, he and a few other Bollywood artists were alleged of it.

Under the Wildlife Protection Act, conserved animals, one blackbuck and three chinkaras fell as death victims to Bhai’s aiming eyes. From then till today, Kankani village near Jodhpur could not free Salman of his guilt.

Bhai faces the charges of carrying illegal arms and also the arms with expired license. But, he talked back asserting that his application for renewal of weapons were applied and hence was not using them illegally.

April 23 was the tentative date affixed for his appearance in the court, but an unexpected ear infection caused this delay.

Such harmonious and unhostile comment is veritably Salman’s trait he is admired for.

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