YPG Fighters Seizes Tal Abyad From ISIS

Another push attack by Kurdish fighters on Islamic States started. They are accounted for to be moving in on the north-east Syrian town of Tal Abyad, which is held by Islamic State (IS) militants. Many people have fled to a close-by border crossing with Turkey, and some have figured out how to cross to security fence there. People are expecting a great fight in coming days.

YPG Fighters

The development by the Kurdish Popular Protection Units (YPG) has been bolstered by Syrian radical forces and US continues its coalition air strikes on Islamic state’s positions.

Why Tal Abyad is strategically important to capture

Tal Abyad is a vital for both sides, a strategically important town for further advancement. For the IS militants, it controls a noteworthy supply course to their central command at Raqqa, 80km (50 miles) toward the south.

For the Kurds, catching Tal Abyad would help them connection up alternate stashes they control along the Turkish border, from Iraq in the east to Kobane in the west, which has long been their fantasy, our reporter includes.

ISIS is being beaten heavily Kurds

On Sunday evening, an YPG commandant said its fighters had progressed to inside of 50m (165ft) of the edges of Tal Abyad, taking after three days of substantial conflicts amid which they grabbed a belt of towns beforehand held by IS. The US air strikes have helped keep IS getting further fortifications from Raqqa.

The jihadists exploded two extensions on the primary streets toward the south-east and south-west of Tal Abyad, however that failed to stop the Kurds. The Kurdish attack and risk of air strikes incited a large number of regular people to escape their homes and head to the border with Turkey throughout the weekend. In any case, the exiles were stranded at the border fence after Turkey shut Akcakale intersection, saying it would just permit them to enter in the case of a compassionate disaster.

On Sunday evening, many outcasts figured out how to cross through openings cut in the wall before being gathered together on the Turkish side of the border by Turkish warriors, who let go many water cannon and tear gas to keep them under control.

Later, displaced people were seen going through Akcakale after nearby authorities said they had been offered consent to revive the intersection by the administration in Ankara. YPG have been moving into IS region on either side of Raqqa territory since compelling the jihadists to withdraw from Kobane in January. The US representative unique presidential emissary for the universal coalition against IS, Brett McGurk, said on Sunday that the Kurds were “truly giving a beating” to IS.

Nonetheless, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he was agitated by the Kurdish development, asserting it may “prompt the formation of a structure that debilitates our borders”.

The YPG is the equipped wing of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Unity Party (PYD), which is itself a branch of the banned Turkish Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). Despite the fact that Ankara considers IS a danger, it likewise expects that Turkish Kurds will cross into Syria to join the YPG and afterward utilize its region to dispatch assaults on Turkey.

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